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The Native Courts of Sarawak holds a rich historical legacy that dates to its formalization by Rajah Charles Brooke in 1870. This institution's significance was further underscored by the enactment of the Native Courts Ordinance in 1992, a pivotal moment ratified by the State Legislative Assembly (DUN).
A significant milestone arrived in 1993 with the establishment of the Chief Registrar’s Office, an initiative that marked a notable stride toward enhancing the operational efficiency of the Native Courts System. The subsequent years witnessed consistent efforts to refine this system, culminating in the appointment of 12 Circuit Contract Magistrates in 2014, augmenting the Court's capacity and accessibility.
The year 2015 witnessed the completion of the present-day Chief Registrar Office building located in Kota Samarahan for the Native Courts of Sarawak, providing a centralized hub for coordination and administration. Building upon this foundation, a pivotal juncture arose in 2020, as a comprehensive study was commissioned to restructure and elevate the Native Courts, adapting it to contemporary demands and requirements.
The culmination of this study in 2022 heralded a significant stride forward, setting the stage for transformative changes within the Native Courts system. As 2023 unfolds, we stand at the threshold of a momentous transformation for the Native Courts of Sarawak, reflecting an evolution that aligns with the changing landscape and aspirations of society.
In summary, from its inception under Rajah Charles Brooke to the recent restructuring initiatives, including the commissioned study and subsequent transformation, the Native Courts of Sarawak's journey exemplifies an unwavering commitment to justice and adaptability within the framework of tradition and progress.


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