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June 11, 2014

The Functions of the Central Registry are

  • Responsible for the preparation of yearly financial estimates;

  • Responsible for general charge and supervision of all the Registrars;

  • To consult the State Attorney General on issues touching on the interpretation of the Native Courts Ordinance 1992 and Native Courts Rules 1993;

  • To liaise with the Majlis Adat Istiadat;

  • To assist in the enforcement of Native Courts judgments;

  • Responsible for publication of important judgments of Native Courts;

  • To advise and discuss issues and procedures affecting the implementation of the Native Courts System with the Native Courts Registrars.

  • To liaise with the Native Courts Registrars regarding courses/briefings for the Ketua Masyarakat and Ketua Kaum;

  • To deal with any official matter assigned by the state secretary from time to time;

  • Speedy disposal of cases;

  • Giving advice and consultation to persons who have to avail themselves in the Native Courts as an avenue to resolve disputes as well as those duty is to adjudicate disputes;

  • Compilation of return of Court Proceedings;

  • Translation of the Native Courts Ordinance 1992 and Native Courts Rules 1993 to Native Dialects; and   

  • Compilation of selected Native Courts decisions for guide and precedents for presiding officers, parties to cases and advocates.

The Roles of a District Registry are

  • To accept lodgments of claims, complaints, appeals and other legal applications;

  •  To keep records of case registers;

  •  To assist in the completion of Native Courts Form;    

  • To set file for each case and transmit documents filed therein to the Presiding Officers of the relevant Court;

  •  To keep case files and records of proceedings;

  • To furnish copies of records of Court proceeding when applied and upon payment;

  • To transmit case files of appeals to appropriate appellate at Native Court;

  •  To receive Court Fees, Deposit and Fines;

  •  To assist in the enforcement of Court Judgment and Orders; and

  • To submit periodical returns of Native Courts proceedings, cases filed in the Registry, in accordance with Rule 33 (3).