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APRIL 03, 2018

Message From Chief Registrar

A very warm welcome to the Native Courts of Sarawak web site.

The Sarawak Native Courts have been established and in operation for over 141 years in Sarawak now. The present Native Courts of Sarawak constituted under the Native Courts Ordinance, 1992 as a State judicial institution. The Native Courts operate as a Unit under the Chief Minister’s Department. The main function of the Native Courts is to hear and determine any dispute over any matter or cause between natives who are subject to any system of personal law and the determination of the dispute is based on the native law or customs. The other function is to hear and determine any application from any non-native who applies to be identified as a native for the purpose of acquiring native land or native customary rights land through inheritance.

This web site aims to provide information on the law and procedure regulating the functions, powers, and jurisdictions of the Native Courts. Apart from that, the web site will highlight the latest developments and events in these Courts. This web site also kindly invites members of the public, especially natives, who have good knowledge in their native laws, customs and traditions to give their comments, suggestions and contributions towards the development and better understanding of the native laws and customs.

Customs and traditions are very important for social and cultural identity in any society. Please help us to contribute towards the survival and development of the native law, customs and traditions.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the web site.

Datu Michael Dawi Alli,

Chief Registrar,

Native Courts Sarawak.